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Who Is Michael Shadbolt?

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Who Is Michael Shadbolt?

What is this website all about (in short)?
Well, most of this site dates back from Sep 2003, when I was looking for a job.  I requested help from friends, and friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends (etc.) to help me be noticed by my potential employer. 
I asked that people send a postcard to the Programme Director at a radio station in Palmerston North, New Zealand which said "Who is Michael Shadbolt?"  The theory being that he'd receive a multitude of such postcards from around the world, which would help my job application stick out from among the many he'd be bound to receive. 
I didn't realise how much this would capture people's imagination - one simple email and this website spawned more than 150 postcards sent from all over the world, all within a month.
And it worked - in that I certainly was noticed!  Due to other circumstances, however, I didn't get the job.  BUT - I did get another job in the same company, helped by this campaign and the buzz it created.  In fact, they gave me a job in Marketing!
There's plenty more to the story:
- try reading the "What's New?" page from bottom to top to get a chronological sense of the events.
- the original and updated FAQ's are in the Who is Michael Shadbolt FAQ page.

I'm Michael Shadbolt.
I needed a job - and lots of people helped!
To help me, lots of people from around the world sent a postcard to a potential employer at a radio station in New Zealand.
...and they wrote on the back in big letters:
"Who Is Michael Shadbolt?"
The idea being that there's no way an employer could forget about me if they received a hundred of so postcards from around the world asking about me!
Thanks so much to those who helped me out!
The postcard campaign opened a number of doors, including the one which got me a job in the same company!
Click on "What's New" in the orange bar for the story, or "FAQ" for more info.

If you did send a postcard without telling me,
or want to talk about this interesting little marketing/sociology/job-finding experiment,
feel free to email me at:

Please don't send any more postcards!
Last updated: 18 Oct 2004