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Who Is Michael Shadbolt?
What is/was this all about?
So... you got a job?
Yep - but not at the place where we sent the postcards.  My new job is at RadioWorks Bay of Plenty as the Promotions & Marketing coordinator.  Basically I'm the promotions guy for the networked RW stations in the BoP.
This is a pretty interesting study in:
- the way the internet is changing the way we live
True.  Without the internet this wouldn't have been possible (or at least so quickly) on such a scale.
- sociology
Mmm.  I can understand the first or second level people helping me, as they are friends of mine, or friends of friends.  But what motivates a complete stranger (3 generations plus) to help out someone they've never met?  Someone in another country?  Everyone who sent a postcard had to invest both time and money in order to help me.  They received no benefit or promise of potential benefit for doing so.  Maybe it's some kind of 'Pay it forward' thing, but with less Kevin Spacey and annoyingly cute kids?
- echo boomers
What a stupid name for a 'generation'.  "Generation Y" I can accept, but "Echo Boomers"???  I mean, really.  Besides, I fall outside the strict "Echo Boomer" definition, as do most of the people who helped me in this endeavour.
- cyber-begging
Yeah, I'm listed under quite a few 'cyber-begging' indexes.  Well, in some ways it is 'begging' and in some ways it isn't.  I'm not asking for money.  I'm not even asking for people to send me anything.  But I am asking people to do something for my benefit alone, that will cost something for everyone who wants to help me.
Feel free to email me if you have any questions about the whole experiment:
Here's the original FAQ at the end of the postcard campaign:
Wait... it's over?
Yeah, it's over. 
The postcard mission was successful, in that if got me an interview, but I was unsuccessful in that I didn't get the job.
See the "What's New" page for more info. 
But I haven't posted my postcard yet!!
That's ok  :)  But, please, don't post it now.  That would just be awkward.
You have some options:
1) Keep it. 
     Pin it on your wall as a keepsake of the wacky summer/winter of '03.
2) Sell it on eBay.  
     People on there will buy anything...
How did the interview go?
The interview was on Saturday 20th.  It went well - there's not really much more I could have done.  Basically I came in at number 2 - just like the previous job I'd applied for.  Close, but no cigar (or job).
I did find out some good news though.  The previous employer that I'd missed out on a job with had recommended me for this job, and I'm pretty sure the guys at 2XS will also recommend me for other jobs.  It's a small industry and they're part of a company which controls about half of it.  They all talk, and pretty soon someone will hear about me and take the risk of employing me.
...And it'll be the best move they've made in years.
Why didn't you get the job?
Well, these things are complex, but essentially it came down to:
- The role had changed from what I applied for.  They only revealed this during the interview.  The new role was Brekkie Producer and 10am-2pm weekday announcer (DJ).  That's like twice the size of the job I applied for, and certainly a much more senior position requiring more experience than I had.
- The guy who got the job had years of on-air experience and basically was better than me.
- They didn't think I'd stick around for very long.  They wanted someone for 10 years and thought seeing as I am a 'high achiever' that I'd probably move on within a couple of years.  ...I'm not sure they were correct in this assumption, though.  I'm getting married, I want to settle down, I love being part of a community and I hate moving.  If I found a fulfilling job in a place that suited me and my wife-to-be, I'd probably stick around.  *shrug*
So did they like the postcards?
Yeah, they liked the postcards.   :)
It went down pretty much like I thought it would:
- At first, they weren't sure what I was trying to do, and assumed that my friends and I were spending lots of money sending them from Wellington.
- Then, the numbers grew and they started arriving from Australia.... hello... what's going on here...?
- Then the ones started arriving from England, the US and around the globe.  That's when they were impressed and mystified as to how this was happening.
They made it clear to me that the postcard campaign certainly had secured me an interview, and demonstrated a desire for the job and my creative potential.  Basically they think it was a jolly good and highly successful idea.
What happened to the postcards?
Well, when I went up for the interview, they gave me the ones that had arrived as of Sat 20th - about 150 or so.  And they told me when they called to say that I didn't get the job that they'd collect the rest up and get them to me.
I'll sort through the ones I have in the next few days and post up some stats and observations and maybe even scan in a couple of good ones. 
Frankly though, I couldn't help grinning when during the interview they brought them out and said "There must be over a hundred here!" and started counting them out, to find there were waaaaay over a hundred.  The response was brilliant, and will go down in 2XS folklore I'm sure.  There's no way they're going to forget who Michael Shadbolt is, that's for sure. 
...and I'd expect that the news will travel through the rest of Radioworks around the country.  It wouldn't surprise me if the news of the postcard campaign helps get me a job somewhere else.
And if another job opportunity opens at 2XS in the next few months, I've got a great head start.  The guy who got the job I was going for actually had applied for another job there a few months back and had been unsuccessful...
Here's the original FAQ for the postcard campaign:
What's the story?
I'm currently unemployed, and in a few months I'm getting married - needless to say, I need a job soon!  The good news is, I've found a job I want.  I'm qualified for it, and it's in a place I want to be. 
Here's the best part, YOU can help me get it!
I need to stand out among the other applicants to ensure I get an interview.  I'm asking everyone I know to send a postcard to my potential employer simply stating "Who is Michael Shadbolt?" 
Hopefully, if enough people do it, they won't be able to forget my name (Michael Shadbolt, in case you've forgotten.)
What can I do to help?
Please send a postcard from wherever you are in the world to:

(Address removed so that no more postcards are sent)
Palmerston North
New Zealand
And remember to write on the back, in big letters "Who is Michael Shadbolt?"
If you do send a postcard, you might like to email me at (email address no longer active)  to let me know.
Is this a joke?
Nope.  If it were a joke, it would be something like "An Englishman, and Irishman and Michael Shadbolt walk into a bar..."
Do a Google search on "Michael Shadbolt" and you'll see some of my info from broadcasting school.  By the way, I'm not Michael Shadbolt the Parish Priest... that's another Michael Shadbolt.
(Also, I just recently found that I was listed on cool is that?!  Answer: "Very cool".)
What is the job?
Here's the job description:
2XS Breakfast Show: Slave-Producer / On Air Person
Job Description and Requirements (In order of importance):
[1] Coffee making for Mike West (He has a White n One hourly).
[2] Breakfast Show Production (you better know how to work Protools! None of us do).
[3] Personality Plus for on air work with Mike West and Gareth Pringle
(unless they dont like you in which case you'll have lots of kitchen time.)
[4] You very own weekend on air shift (This may be your chance to work with the legendary Rick Dees)
[5] Drivers License Required (to pick up Subway for the Morning Guys)
Why should we help you?
No particular reason if you don't know me, really! 
But I'm a nice guy, I'm qualified, I'd be great at this job, and I'm getting married in February, and I'd like to have a permanent job and place to live before the wedding day.
Besides, isn't it fun to be part of something cool?  (Answer: "Yes it is!")
When did this start?
Around about 4pm on 2 Sep 2003.  New Zealand Time.
Click on "What's New" in the orange bar at the top to track the progess.
Really.... who IS Michael Shadbolt?
I am.  Next question...  :)
Hey, are you any relation to...?
No!  ...Unless we're related.
Can I send an email/ email postcard/ eCard?
Actually, I'd prefer it if you didn't.  Otherwise, you can imagine how quickly their in-boxes would be spammed, and nobody likes spam.  (Tinned corned beef on the other hand...mmmm....)
Remember, the aim here is not to annoy my potential employers, just intrigue them!  Hundreds of emails = annoying.  Hundreds of postcards = fun. 
(Except for maybe the receptionist whose job it is to hand out the mail... I'll have to apologise to her at some point...)
How long are you planning on doing this for?
Just for the month of September.  On the email I sent, it said not to forward it on after 1 October 2003.  Some postcards might take a little while to trickle in, but should pretty much be finished by the end of September.
I have more questions!
Ok.  Email me at

This page last updated: 18 Oct 2004