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Who Is Michael Shadbolt?
What's the latest?

It's been about a year since the campaign finished.
Thanks so much for helping me out!
Whilse I didn't get the 'postcard' job... but I did get another one with the same company! marketing, no less!
Postcards received at 2XS: Over 150
Postcards people told me about:135
Website Hits: Thousands and thousands
December 2003: about 750 a month
October 2004: still around 500 a month!
Google search results for "Who is Michael Shadbolt": 368
18 Oct 2004 11:05pm
How strange.   I've let this site lay dormant for about ten months - after all, the postcard campaign was only intended for September 2003 and to my knowledge no postcards have been sent since then.  And yet, when I was browsing through the website stats today, I found 500 people had visited the site in the last month.... weird!
So I figured I had better update it a little.  The only email address I'd created specifically for this project is long dead and buried, but you can contact me on the email address I have at... my job!
I'm going to try and put some of the postcards up on the site too.
It's been interesting watching 'what could have been' should I have gotten the job I originally applied for - for instance, in the last 10 months the Manawatu area has been hit by severe flooding.  Meanwhile, I'm loving living up here in the Bay of Plenty.
Oh, and I did get married (see FAQ) - in February 2004 to Charlie  :)
Check out some of what I'm up to at:
12 Dec 2003 9:45pm
Well a lot's happened in the last 3 months!  Word about the postcard campaign opened a few doors at other stations, which included RadioWorks Bay of Plenty, where I have since been employed.  Yep, you're looking at the new Promotions & Marketing Co-ordinator.
It's somewhat of a home-coming, having gone back home to the city of my childhood, but I'm enjoying it so far.  For those readers in Tauranga, look out for me in the Edge Roadrunner giving away prizes and freebies, or listen out on The Rock or The Edge for my crosses or trailers.  Yup!
24 Sep 2003 12noon
Well, I've had the interview, and found out this morning that I didn't get the job.
Yeah, I'm gutted.
Essentially they changed the role that I was applying for.  Instead of being just a breakfast producer (with a weekend on-air shift), it went to being a breakfast producer AND the 10am-2pm weekdays on-air guy.  This is basically twice the role, and a much, much, much more senior position.
At the end of the day experience won out.  They tell me that I was a close second though.  I honestly believe that if the role had remained as just the breakfast producer that I would have gotten it.
Still, it wasn't to be.
Onwards and upwards!  Thankyou so much for helping out in the postcard campaign.  It certainly achieved its goal of getting me an interview and guarantees that it'll take years before they forget the name 'Michael Shadbolt'.
And I daresay that word will spread through the industry about the postcards -- they may still yet help me get a job.  :)
Check the FAQ for lots more info, such as what happened to the cards and why I didn't get the job.
For now, I'm going to take a day to pull myself together, get over it, eat chocolate and then start looking out for another job.
Thanks again,
God Bless,
Michael Shadbolt
18 Sep 2003 6:30pm
Woohoo! I've gotten an interview with 2XS!
As you know, the point of the postcard campaign to raise "Michael Shadbolt awareness"(tm) with my potential employer and convince them that they should interview me for the job.  The plan was to separate me from the stack of CV's and applications and to show that I have some creative ideas.
Mission complete!
Thanks so much to all of you who joined in the fun, who sent postcards, who forwarded my spa...uhh, my email and who checked the website.
Cheers to everyone who sent me an email to tell me that you enjoyed being part of something a little ...unusual.  You are all very cool, and I hope to visit you all in person before I'm 63.
If you still have a postcard that you've written on and/or stamped, feel free to still send it (or sell it on eBay - who knows.... people will buy the strangest things on there...) 
I'm sure the cheerful/intelligent/stunningly-good-looking team down at 2XS will enjoy looking at the cards which are still streaming in from far-flung places around the world.  :)  ...Did I mention that the 2XS crew also have excellent grooming habits?  Not that I'm greasing...
So anyway, I'll update you when I know the final outcome of the whole job-getting process.
For now, I'll leave you with my undying gratitude and this email (that I received today) from a 5th generation sender which is typical of just how cool this got (I've highlighted the best bits in red and my comments in green):
From: "Amelia T"
Subject: Postcards.... this looks like fun!
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 00:22:37 +0000

Hey Michael,
don't know if you know my friend Em (Mike: nope!) who sent me this, but it's a great idea.
Good luck! Surely they can't say no to you now.
Canberra, Oz
---Forwarded Message Below:---
From: "Em"
To: <<insert dozens of email addresses around the world, including,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,>>

This is the best idea I ever heard of, I'm totally helping this dude out. Am sending a postcard tomorrow. Pure f#%*ing genius of a kiwi! (Mike: Hey!) Encourage you to do the same.
Em xxx
From: Hannah S
To: <<Half a dozen people or so>>
Subject: Postcards.... this looks like fun!
-----Original Message-----
From: ???
Subject: Charity begins at home
You have no idea who this guy is :-). He's the younger brother of a school friend.
Anyway, Mike is a standup comic, hes quite funny, and he decided to quit his day job earning staggering amounts of money at oracle (Mike: Uhh, well maybe not 'staggering', Larry does have an Americas cup campaign to finance...) to go to media school. He wants to be a radio show host, you know, where he gets to flaunt his quick liners as he takes the piss out of someone on a morning show.
If you like, you can help sponsor him in his putdowns of politicians. (Mike: Now THERE'S a cause!)

-----Original Message-----
From: "Murray S"
Date: Wed Sep 10, 2003 9:52:33 am Europe/London
Hi. As always Mike's come up with a novel idea to get himself a job.
See the email below for details
Hi! My name is Michael Shadbolt... (Mike: You know the rest...)
NB: If you sent a postcard, but didn't email me to let me know, please email so I can include you in the tally!
17 Sep 2003 12:00noon
Well it's been a fortnight since the postcard campaign started!  Which means the lovely people at 2XS will have been receiving postcards for a week and a half or so.  I hope they're enjoying them!  By the sounds of it some people have gotten a little creative - I've had postcards sent from everyone from 'Prince Charles' to 'the giant reclining bhudda'.
Some postcards haven't been all that pretty (apparently), such as this one sent from "George V" in Australia: "I sent an official Diabetes Australia South Australia post card that was covered in yellow roses basically Im trying to tell you it looks hideous and for that I apologise"
Two weeks in and the current count of disclosed postcards is: 132
That's pretty awesome when you think about it.
(Michael thinks about it)
...Yeah, that is pretty awesome!
15 Sep 2003 12:30pm
A quiet weekend for the postcard campaign, but more confirmation that a lot of people are sending postcards and not emailing me to let me know - which is still cool, but just means that the 'count' doesn't reflect the true number.
Also, a friend of mine told me that he asked a certain Mayor to send a postcard!  That's very cool. ...and I'm still waiting to hear from Kevin Bacon.
Which brings me onto a variation on the postcard campaign.  If you work for an internationally-recognised business or organisation (or at least one that would be recognisable to a certain Palmerston North radio station), you might want to send a note on a sheet of company letterhead asking (as usual) "Who is Michael Shadbolt?"
For instance, if you worked for, say.... CNN, or the BBC, or the US Government, or the Palmerston North City Council.... (hint, hint...)
Of course, don't do anything that would get you in trouble.  The aim of this exercise is not to have anyone lose their job!
Oh, and I found out today that this site is now in Google as the first returned site for "Michael Shadbolt"... so here's a quick shout-out to my potential employers!  Hi!  Pick me, pick me!
12 Sep 2003 4:45pm
Heh heh, with the "fourth-generation" mark now broken (a postcard from a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of mine - see below), there is a campaign underway to get up to 6 degrees of separation.  Who knows?  Maybe Kevin Bacon will eventually send a postcard?
(See for more info.  BTW, I have an unofficial 'Bacon number' of 3 - I'm engaged to Charlotte who was in Lord of the Rings with Brad Dourif who was in 'Murder in the first' (1995) with Kevin Bacon)
Aaanyway, here's just some of the recent places that postcards have been sent from:
- Christchurch, Hamilton and Tauranga in NZ.
- Mayfair (yes the Monopoly one) in London and well as several other London cards. (London is quite possibly the most sent-from place outside of NZ!  Yes, possibly even more than from the legends working at Shell in Melbourne!)
- Cambridge, England.
- Bangkok, Thailand (It says: Even Thailand's huge reclining buddha is asking, "Who is Michael Shadbolt?")
11 Sep 2003 2:00pm
We hit the big One Hundred mark yesterday!
Congratulations to "Michelle T" from London for being the official 100th confirmed postcard send!
(Update: Michelle T is also my first confirmed fourth-generation sender!)
At last count we're now at 110 postcards that have been notified as sent - that's awesome!  But the real number is much higher as a lot of people aren't emailing me to let me know.  (They tell me in person, or I get an email forwarded from another friend who had told them about it.)  So who knows how many postcards have been sent?  Well, 2XS will know....  :)
The "Most exotic location" award for this update goes to "Kirsty W" for sending a card from Phnom Penh in Cambodia (!!!) 
She wrote in her email: "I love crazy schemes like this!"
Some more places where postcards have been sent from:
- Hamilton, Auckland, New Plymouth, Dannevirke, Greymouth, Wellington and Blenheim in NZ.
- Jerusalem, Israel.
- Toronto, Canada.
- London, England.
- Sydney, Australia.
And possibly ones from Belgium and Spain (if they can find a post office!)
8 Sep 2003 2:30pm
Well it's been quite a quiet weekend for the postcard campain!
We're slowly crawling towards the 100-card mark. At last count I have 88 confirmed sendings!  Including one from Kathmandu (of all places!)
The first of the international cards (from Aussie) should be arriving as of about now  :)  And the European/Asian/American cards might turn up towards the end of this week.... fun!
6 Sep 2003 3:00pm
Four days elapsed now, and I'm still getting steady responses from all over NZ and the world  :)  At this rate, we'll hopefully reach 100 confirmed sends in a few days time.
I've had my first confirmed "third generation" sender! (A friend of a friend of a friend of mine)  Thanks to "Renee" in the UK!
Since I last updated, postcards have been sent from:
- Pukekohe, Napier, Nelson, Wellington, Hamilton and Tauranga in NZ
- Reedley (California), USA
- Korea
- Turkey
- India
- The UK
Thanks so much, people!
Remember to email me at if you send a postcard.
4 Sep 2003 2:00pm
Heh heh, ok I've had a count up of the number of cards people have said that they've SENT.  (Doesn't include any future promises or "I've forwarded this to 50 people", but actual reports of *sent* cards.)
And the grand total so far is.... 54 cards!  In less than 48 hours... not bad!
Remember to email me at if you do send a card.  That way I can add it to the tally.
Thought you might be interested in just some of the countries that the email has been forwarded to:
- Australia
- France
- Canada
- England
- Holland
- Switzerland
- Norway
- Korea
- Somewhere in Africa
...and of course New Zealand!
4 Sep 2003 10:00am
Hey peoples!  Well the first of the NZ-sent postcards should be arriving today. Of course, getting a couple of postcards from NZ is unusual, but not spectacular.  But consistently getting postcards, and them being from all over the world is cool.
Actually the progression will be cool.  At first, the cards will be from Wellington and then other places in NZ, and then Australia, and then further abroad.
How many cards?  I really have no idea.  I'm thinking that most people aren't actually emailing me to tell me they've sent one, but I am getting awesome emails like this one from "Kerryn" (a very cool chick!) in Melbourne, Australia:
- " work colleagues are really getting into it- we have Taiwanese, Greek, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Croatian and of course a few in English too..."
Some more places people have said they'd send cards from:
- Los Angeles, USA
- Sydney, Australia
- Cambridge, England
It really is heart-warming to see complete strangers willing to help someone out like this.  Thanks so much, people!
3 Sep 2003 1:30pm
Excellent!  I've received a number of emails from "second generation" people - (i.e. people that I don't know who received an email from someone I know) who have sent cards!
Just some of the places people have said they'd send cards from:
- Basingstoke, England
- Gore, NZ
- Atlanta, USA
And props to "Mazza" for creating a postcard based on my silhouette picture on the front page!
I'm expecting the first card(s) to arrive tomorrow.... *bites nails nervously*
2 Sep 2003 11:00pm
Cool.  Had a number of responses already, which is great!  Some people are as excited about this thing as I am:
- "'d all get a kick out of this idea - its a cheap way to help someone out and a fun one too!"
- "You're a smart guy. Im in : )"
- "i have to say firstly that your nuts, and secondly that i love it! nuts in a such a brilliant way!!"

And big ups to "Gabrielle" for being the first person to send a postcard with the message in Spanish!  Brilliant!  Do we know anyone in Russia?  China?

2 Sep 2003 5:00pm
Right-o, well the website is up and crawling (it's very sloooooow).  And I've had a first crack at the FAQ.
And I've sent an email to about 80 ppl on my email list.  The immediate response has been quite good - a number of ppl have already caught hold of the idea and run with it!  Woohoo!!  Thanks guys/gals!